Caving tours in the Highest Andes of Peru

Cave of the BRIDE Caving tours in the Highest Andes of Peru

Caving in Peru?
Peru is well known to possess some of the highest caves in the world. CrossoverPeru Tours will take into this Underground adventure in the Peruvian Andes in the great Lord Mountain of Uyayoq located at 14 550 m.a.s.l.
This Limestone and sedimentary formation are located in a very unique scenery protecting the towns and communities on the lower side. 
Cusco city has a lot to offer and for those cave lover we found a really good área for caving a remote área around 4 hours far from Cusco
According to the Local beliefs these types are caves in the mountains named as Paqarinas or place to be born is where the lineage of community is coming from is the place where you connect with Mother, so Incas used to leave some offering  into this caves,
At the Spanish arrival, the caves were opened as a mine as the Spaniard was looking for more gold and Glory in the Mountain, Local communities are protecting back the area again. Our E…

Day tours and Activities Cusco

Caving in Cusco

Ever since Machupicchu was discovered by the American Explorer Hiram Bingham in 1911, Peru the country has become a hot spot for adventure travelers. And Cusco City has a lot to offer so Caving is of this adventures. Caving isn’t just for the pro’s though! Check out our cave Full day tour to Cusco’s caves. Accompanied by an expert guide who leads you through the cave, climbing up and down through passageways, crawl your way through places you never thought you could.

Explore Qarañahui, one of the greatest caves near Cusco City in a full day adventure. This cave is located in the province of Canas at 3900 m.a.s.l. On the road you will also cross the Qeswachaka hanging bridge. The plan to visit this amazing places will be:  you will be picked you up from your hotel in a private vehicle, in which we will drive for 4 hours south from Cusco crossing Pomacanchis Lake (3,600m).  Then we will reach the Qeswachaka Bridge. This is the last used Inca bridge over the Apurimac River and th…